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The Repair Café Rohr is organized by the Freundeskreis Flüchtlinge Stuttgart-Vaihingen-Rohr in cooperation with the Umweltteam der Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde Rohr-Dürrlewang and a team of experts of Repair Café im Bürgerhaus Lauchhau-Lauchäcker. From February 2016 to April 2017 it took place in the refugee home in Arthurstraße 13 in Stuttgart-Rohr. With two additional cooperation partners, AWO Begegnungs- und Servicezentrum Dürrlewang and Katholische Kirchengemeinde Heilige Familie it now moves to AWO Begegnungs- und Servicezentrums in Osterbronnstraße 64 B in Stuttgart-Dürrlewang and starts there on Saturday, 28th of October in 2017. It is funded by Soziale Stadt Dürrlewang.

We are part of the network of Repair Cafés. We are crosslinked with Repaircafé Stuttgart and the platform Reparatur-Initiativen.

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The project is funded by Soziale Stadt Dürrlewang.

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