Nächste Absage wegen Corona

Noch immer bedroht uns das lästige Corona Virus. Noch immer ist auch die Gefahr über einem RC-Termin mit engem Kontakt unter einander zum Hotspot zu werden zu groß.

Zu unserem größten Bedauern kann deshalb auch der Termin am kommenden Samstag leider nicht stattfinden.

Kommen Sie bitte weiterhin gut und gesund mit Maske durch diese merkwürdigen Tage!

Right to Repair

Favorite pieces break, garbage mountains grow – how to cope with these problems?

Recently, the introduction of repair standards was considered in the EU. Meanwhile, the danger threatens that these plans will be put back on ice (cf. https://openrepair.org/news/towards-the-right-to-repair-in-europe/).

There is an online petition calling for a right to repair: https://weact.campact.de/petitions/recht-auf-reparatur

First event in 2018

Last October we had a very successful restart of the Repair Café at AWO – Begegnungs– und Servicezentrums Osterbronnstraße 64 B (“Ladenstraße  Dürrlewang”). We invite you to join us on

Saturday, 27th of January 2018 from 1 to 5 p.m.

at this location.

Besides supporting the repair of all kinds of devices and clothes we offer as well help with sensors for measuring air quality (see http://luftdaten.info). Please enrole 4:30 p.m. the latest!

Maybe you want to help regarding the following petition for a Roma family being integrated very well into our community but nevertheless has to fear their deportation :